Downtown Cleveland, OH December 8, 2018

We went on location with Cleveland native, award winning producer and rapper Fetty Official in downtown Cleveland Ohio. 

Fetty says “The video brings a dark, gritty, winter-time feel to the track and was directed and edited by Ced Lynch. Fetty Official and Mic Angelo are featured in the video along with other members of Mic Angelo’s Label Finesse House Production. 

After a productive 2018 of business development and legal focus, Fetty Official plans to release more new music in 2019. He is already in the studio and set to release another collaboration project with long time friend Mic Angelo entitled “Big Bank Language”.

The NO WORDS video features snaps of Fetty’s Official Language brand merchandise. The featured hoodie that Fetty is wearing is available online at along with other beats, products and services.

Fetty also mentioned that he has been continuing to build his Official Language Team. He is also in the process of interviewing new members and expanding the Label. 

Fetty says his ultimate goal is to provide a platform for new artists and create a positive contribution within the Hip Hop community. Fetty says “Being unique is key to standing out from the rest and hard work makes the dream and vision come to life.”

Fetty Official Founded his own record label Official Language in 2017 which was established June 2018. The label offers artist development, global music distribution and production for artists. Fetty Official also recently announced the launch of the “OL4L TOUR” (Official Language 4 Life Tour). Upcoming dates and locations TBA later this year.

Fetty Official also says he plans to continue touring and traveling throughout the states and intends to branch off into other venues overseas.





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